Standard Plastic Chain Connectors (Pack of 100)

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Pack of 100 chain connectors

This chain connector can be used to connect number 6, 8 or 10 chain. However it can not feed through the sidewinder and does not make the blind comply with safety regulations - Please read safety guidance on the tab above to make your blinds safe.

To comply with safety regulations, this chain connector must be used with a safety device such as a P-clip. Alternatively, No. 10 chain can be connected using breakaway chain connectors instead of using a separate safety device to fasten the chain to the wall.

How to Use This Connector

  1. Ensure that the blind is in the raised, open position before you proceed. This step is important, missing it may cause the blind to not open or close fully.
  2. You should fasten the connector at the top of the length of chain which you pull to lower the blind.
  3. The connector can be attached to the blind by simply placing the end balls of the chain into the slots of the connector, and closing the connector.
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