What size roller blind kit?

How do I find out what size roller blind kit I need.

1. First of all is your roller tube metal? If you have a cardboard tube this will NOT work.

2. You need to take out either the idle end or the sidewinder end (the parts which slide in the end of the tube), out of the tube.

3. When you have got one of the ends out of your tube, you will need to

measure the external diameter of your tube. This is important, not the inside.

See photo below which should like the tube you have? If your tube is different email us some photos of the end of the tube and the sidewinder (the sidewinder is the part  which raises and lowers the blind)

Standard sizes are 18mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm and 40mm.

There is a 38mm (Inside diameter of the tube) system which is the same as a 40mm tube.

If you have a 36mm external diameter tube, we do not stock this size. Somebody does sell these on Ebay.

The photo below is a photo of the 18mm 25mm, 28mm tube, check you tube looks the same.

The photo below is a 32mm tube.

Below is the 40mm tube