Parts for Roman Blinds

Did you know that new European Child Safety Legislation was introduced for window blinds with effect from 28th February 2014?

Are your blinds compliant with new blind safety European Standard for internal blinds BS EN 13120?

Basic Guidelines  (however please refer to BS EN 13120 for full and accurate guidance)

For ROMAN blinds -  it is preferable to fit the chain with a chain tensioner (not chain breakaways), the end of the chain must be at least 1.5m from the floor and secured with a chain tensioner safety device fitted more than 1.5m from the floor.  Cord controls must be secured with a cord accumulation safety device fitted more than 1.5m from the floor.  Chain operation is not recommended where the installation height is less than 1.8m.  If chain breakaways are used the chain must be more than 0.6m from the floor and 2 chain breakaways should be used at least 200mm apart.
IN ADDITION roman rear cord breakaway devices should be used on all panels of 200mm or more.

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