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This page is for giving advice on how blinds work and what parts you may need to replace.

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What Roller Blind Size Do I Need?

A guide for determining what size your roller blind is available here.

Read the Roller Blind Size Guide

How to Measure for Replacement Fabric Slats

If you have slats with a hanger that slides into a sewn or glued top pocket then the best way to measure is as follows - simply take one slat down, lie it flat, and measure from one end of the fabric to the other, this is the "Exact Slat Length"
But if you have the 2-Part DIY type hanger, where the fabric is folded over what looks like a lollipop stick, which then slides into the main part of the hanger, please could you let us know the overall size of the window - from the lintel or top edge of the rail down to the floor (or doormat). Tell us you have given the "Window Size", we can then work out the correct length for the best fit for you.

Note unless you specify otherwise we will always assume that the measurement you have given is the Exact Slat Length required, and will make the slats this exact length.

How to Measure for New Made-To-Measure Blinds

Blinds can be measured by recess or exact fit, we recommend recess fit.

We also recommend taking multiple measurements and using the smallest. Use metric or imperial, whichever you are comfortable with.

Recess Fit

Do not make adjustments to the measurements so the blind will fit perfectly in the blind, we will adjust the measurements ourselves, typically by 5-10mm so that it hangs freely and fits perfectly within the recess.

  1. Ensure that the recess the blind will fit into is not obstructed so that the blind can hang freely when fully extended. Look for tiles, pipes, skirting boards.
  2. Measure the width first, starting where the headrail is going to fit and working down the recess, taking at least three measurements. Not all window and door recesses are square, you might find that the width where the headrail is going to fit is smaller then the middle and bottom of the window/door, always use the smallest width measurement taken.
  3. Measure the drop. Measure multiple times across the height of the recess and take the shortest measurement. If you are measuring for a door, do you have a door mat? If you want your door mat by the door, leave the mat where it is going to be and then measure from the top to the mat, then move the mat over and take another measurement, remember always use the shortest measurement.
Exact Fit

We will make your blind exactly (within tolerance) to the sizes that you supply, i.e. we will not account for fitting clearance and the exact width should include the brackets.

We define exact drop as being from the top edge of the rail, to the bottom edge of the slats.

If you are fitting a blind over a window that is not recessed and flushed to the wall and want the blind to cover the width and height of the window we recommend that you add at least 50mm (2 inches) to the window size.