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BAMBOO WHITE complete vertical blind in 3.5" wide fabric

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Made to measure complete vertical blind .

Please note the photos are for illustration purposes only as screen colour/definition varies, if you would like us to send some free fabric samples please contact us. 

CHILD SAFETY REGULATIONS - WARNING - Young children can be strangled by loops in pull cords or chains that traditionally operate vertical blindrails. To eliminate this risk we recommend that you choose the WAND controlled blind rails.  However we are also able to supply the traditional cord and chain operated rails, if you choose this system please see the important child safety notices below

Complete vertical blind means - fully operational aluminium headrail,  all slats, hangers, weights and chains and fitting brackets (screws not supplied).  Where a cord/chain operated rail is chosen we also supply a cord and chain safety device  which MUST be fitted to secure the cords and chains to the wall

Complete blinds can be ordered either as RECESS fit (recommended) or EXACT fit - see below

All our blinds are made to measure, and we make them to the size you give us.  We cannot make your order until we receive the measurement instructions

HOW TO MEASURE Inside your Window or Door Frame - RECESS fit (recommended).
First ensure that the recess the blind is going into is not obstructed in any way so the blind can hang freely when fully extended. Look out for protruding tiles, pipes, skirting boards etc.
Always measure the width first
Measure the width first taking at least 3 measurements, the most important one is where the headrail is going to fit. Not all window and door recesses are square, you might find that the width where the headrail is going to fit is smaller then the middle and bottom of the window/door, always use the smallest width measurement taken.

Then measure the drop, here measure in three places and pick the shortest drop. If you are measuring for a door, do you have a door mat? If you want your door mat by the door, leave the mat where it is going to be and then measure from the top to the mat, then move the mat over and take another measurement, remember always use the shortest measurement.

You can measure in mm or inches - whichever you are most comfortable using, and always use a steel rule.
We will make your blind to fit into the recess perfectly.
There is no need for you to make any adjustments.
Your Blind will be around 5-10mm smaller so it hangs freely and fits perfectly within the recess.
RECESS fit blinds are fitted using TOP FIX brackets as standard

HOW TO MEASURE - EXACT Fit Vertical Blind
We will make your blind to the exact sizes you give us  + or - 1 to 3mm.

EXACT fit means - we will make the rails the EXACT WIDTH you have given, from one end to the other including the plastic controls, and we not not make any allowance for fitting clearance. We will make the overall blind EXACT DROP from the
top edge of the rail, to the bottom edge of the fabric (NOT the length of the fabric itself)

The product in its brackets is supplied exactly to the size that has been ordered. THIS IS CALLED THE EXACT SIZE

If you are fitting a blind over a window that is flush to the wall and not recessed and want the blind to cover the width and height of the window we recommend that you add at least 50mm (2 inches) to the window size.

EXACT Fit blinds are fitted with FACE FIX brackets as standard.

Delivery is 5-7 working days. Delivery cost is £12.00 per order to mainland England, Wales and Lowlands of Scotland. Other places please contact us for a delivery price.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - FOR RAILS SUPPLIED WITH CORD/CHAIN CONTROL - the length of the cord/chain controls will be 1000mm or 100mm less than the overall drop of the blind WHICHEVER IS THE SMALLER.  If you require controls to be longer than this please contact us before ordering to check that the required length will comply with strict child safety lesiglation.
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