89mm (3.5") Bottom Chain

  • Bottom chain for vertical blinds, also known as stabilising chain, bobble chain, strings, beads, beaded chain, ball chain.
  • Our 3.5" plastic bottom chain has 11 balls between each clip, our 5" plastic bottom chain has 15 balls between each clip, don't worry if your old chain has a different number of balls, they are for weight/design purposes only and do not affect the length of the chains themselves.  
  • Vertical blind fabrics are available in 2 standard sizes 3.5" or 5", and the chains are designed to fit these 2 sizes, so for 3.5" fabric you need the '3.5" chain' , for 5" you need the '5" chain'
  • How much chain do I need?   You will need twice as many clips as you have fabric slats, so if you have 24 slats, you will need 48 clips of chain, so you would need to buy a pack of 50 clips

NB vertical blinds come in two standard sizes - 3.5" or 5" - please measure one of your fabric slats before ordering to confirm you have the correct size