40mm Peg-Type Wide Bodied Trucks & Plastic Links
40mm Peg-Type Wide Bodied Trucks & Plastic Links

40mm Peg-Type Wide Bodied Trucks & Plastic Links

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These trucks are to fit the 40mm wide rail (Wide-bodied rail), the inner rod for these trucks must be three-pronged.

Peg-Type connection

These are sold in sets of 10 / 20  / 30 / 40 / 50 and 60.

All these trucks and links can be made Left or Right handed. 

Also if you have 89mm (3.5") slats you will need 89mm(3.5") trucks and if you have 5" (127mm) slats you will need 5" (127mm) trucks.  5" (127)mm trucks have longer tails than the 3.5" (89mm) trucks

The trucks come loose with the links, so you can make them yourself to any length to suit your blind.

Make a note or draw a picture (or take photos) of how your blind is corded, otherwise you might forget.

Split draw rails are harder to make than left or right draw blinds

You can change the draw of your blind by buying the trucks you need and buying the correct side control ends.

For example - you have a split blind with Left controls, you could change your blind to a right draw with right controls by buying right handed trucks and a right handed control set. So you can choose which side you have your controls and which way you want your slats to open.

Always replace all the trucks, if you try and replace just one truck you might find that our trucks do NOT fit with your own trucks and if you do replace just one truck the others on the blind will probably break very soon. So you will land up remaking your blind again.

You might also need to use our control ends, spacer bars, operating chain, cord, washers etc. 

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