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38mm Roller blind mechanism (White Louvolite)

Product code: 38MMRBM

Roller blind mechanism for 38mm tube, chain operated. You get the control end & idle end & metal fixing.

The 38mm (Internal diameter of the metal tube?  Roller blind kit is the same as a 40mm outside diameter of the metal tube.

NB size refers to the external diameter of the roller tube

brackets which you can top or face fit.
Comes with either a never ending chain.
The chain length is either
1m which makes upto a 500mm drop
1.5m which makes upto a 750mm drop
2m which makes upto a 1m drop
2.5m which makes upto 1.25m drop
3m chain which makes upto a 1.5m drop
3.5m chain which makes upto a 1.75m drop
4m chain which makes upto a 2m drop
4.5m chain which makes upto a 2.25m drop
5m chain which makes upto a 2.5m drop
5.5m chain which makes upto a 2.75m drop
6m chain which makes upto a 3m drop
You will get a free safety device with each roller kit, which must be used.

All continuous chains must be secured using a chain tensioning device which must be fixed to a wall at least 1.5m above the floor.

To calculate maximum allowable chain length to comply with new safety regulations:

Max drop of chain = (Height of rail from floor in cm - 150cm)


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Product Code 38MMRBM
Weight 1kg