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127mm (5") DIY Hangers (2 Part Hanger) (Pack of 10)

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DIY hangers (2 part) to fit 127mm (5") slats, can be used to replace your existing slat hangers, or are ideal if you need to shorten your existing slats. Sold in packs of 10.

How to use DIY hangers

First, you must determine how long your desired drop is, carefully fold one of your slats over the stick, then slide the fabric and stick into the main body of the hanger.
Hang this slat on the rail to ensure that you are happy with the length. If you are happy, measure from the bottom edge of the fabric to the top fold. Use this measurement to mark each of your slats with a pencil, giving you a guide to know where to fold over the stick.
Finish the remaining slats, using the pencil mark as a guide.
Hang up all of the slats to ensure you are satisfied with the end result. If you are satisfied, finally, trim off the excess fabric from the top of the slat with a sharp pair of scissors.

These hangers are only for use with 127mm (5") slats, however the same style of hanger is also available for 89mm (3.5") slats.

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127mm (5")